Two jackets, three different weather situations - Triclimate® jackets are based on the original mountain layering system and, as such, are really versatile. The Mountain Light FUTURELIGHT™ Triclimate Jacket has a three-layer FUTURELIGHT™ shell, that delivers next-level breathable-waterproof protection thanks to its nano-spun membrane. It's light, soft and slightly stretchy, so it's incredibly comfortable to wear. Then there's the inner jacket stuffed with 550-fill of responsibly-sourced down. Wear them together for protection from wind, rain, snow and the cold - basically all kinds of winter mountain weather. For when it's mild but wet use the FUTURELIGHT™ shell on its own. When it's cool but dry opt for the down-filled inner jacket. You get two jackets, for three different climatic conditions with no compromises on breathability.

Women’s Mountain Light FUTURELIGHT™ Triclimate Jacket


    Waterproof fabric provides an impenetrable moisture barrier for guaranteed dryness.



    Lofty down insulation keeps you cosy in cold conditions.



    Lightweight fabrics help regulate body temperature and keep you comfortable.